Installation Guide

What type of installation should I choose?

There are two possibilities to install TC-Python:

  1. Using the Python-interpreter bundled to Thermo-Calc: This interpreter has TC-Python preinstalled together with some popular Python-packages. This is the recommended option for new users to TC-Python, but it is limited to the preinstalled packages. (requires version 2021a or later of Thermo-Calc)
  2. Installing TC-Python into the Python-interpreter of your choiceThis is the recommended option for any more advanced usage and provides full flexibility.

Note: A TC-Python license is required to run calculations in Python.

If you are unsure if you have a license, go to Help-Show License info from within Thermo-Calc, and scroll down near the bottom. If TC-Python is included in your license you will see a line for “TC_PYTHON”. If you are still unsure, or would like to obtain a license for TC-Python, please contact